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Red Room Teacher

Roxanne Zick

Classroom: Green and Red Room ~ Float Teacher

Education: Early Childhood Certification and Level 3 on Wisconsin Registry for Early Childhood Professionals, 4 hour Nutrition and Food Service Training.

Experience: Family Childcare Provider 2001 – 2015.

Professional Statement: Growing up I was always told I would make a great teacher. Unfortunately it was not my first choice after high school. I felt that life had a greater calling for me which got me started in childcare. Since then I have not looked back and those who told me I would make a great teacher were right. I love nurturing and watching children grow and develop and that moment when they are able to do it all by themselves can not be replicated. Each day is a new day filled with endless possibilities in the eyes of a child.

Gabriella Falagian

Classroom: Yellow and Orange Room ~ Float Teacher Education: Early Childhood Certification and Level 1 on Wisconsin Registry for Early Childhood Professionals. Experience: First experience working in a childcare center. Came to By Leaps and Bounds in October 2023.