As of August 28th, 2015 By Leaps and Bounds Childcare was purchased by Shelly and Robert Nickel.

I started at By Leaps and Bounds childcare as the Preschool Teacher in January 2005. Over the years I have taught in the 3 and 4-year-old classroom, Infant Room, and also some time in the Kitchen. Since 2012 I spend my time teaching in the two-year-old classroom.

I have 20 plus year teaching and working with children of all ages. I began teaching while in college and after graduating in 1997 I became a full-time teacher in a two-year-old classroom. I have worked in many daycares in the surrounding area over the years and also spent 4 years with Head Start.

My dream was to someday open my own childcare program. Then in August, with my husband help, we were given the opportunity to buy By Leaps and Bounds. After spending 10 years with the program and getting to know all the staff and families we were crazy not to purchase and complete my lifelong dream.

– Shelly Nickel